Systems installation, maintenance and technical support

Systems design

Design of AMR/AMI and automatic control systems.

Software development

Software development- full software packages for AMR/AMI data management and SCADA.

Installation and adjustment

Installation & adjustment of AMR/AMI systems and automatic control systems (SCADA).

Maintenance and technical support

Full range of extended maintenance and technical support during warranty and post-warranty periods.

Production emergency support

Emergency fixes, AMR/AMI platform monitoring and 24/7 software technical support.

Application maintenance and software support

New features, enhancements implementation, database administration, testing, content update and performance tuning.


AMR/AMI systems of ECOMATRIX are complex products, they have a high performance and they need a maintenance carried out by experts. ECOMATRIX offers you an maintenance service of the systems. Due to our long experience, we can prevent a wide range of technical faults.


ECOMATRIX commitment to its customers continues after its products are delivered and installed, by working with its clients, and providing continuous quality assistance at all times to help them operate its products safely and efficiently. Our software support professionals have deep expertise in emergency software production support, ongoing application maintenance and customer support.


With ECOMATRIX application support & software maintenance services you get


Emergency fixes, platform monitoring and 24/7 software technical support.ECOMATRIX Software Support Services offers comprehensive online services to meet your specific needs wherever you are in your business cycle.


Bug fixing, new features and enhancements implementation, database administration, testing, ongoing content update, and also includes:


Customer support and end-user issues handling, change and release process management, requirements and risk management. Application deployment, monitoring, troubleshooting and planned upgrade.